Armidale District

APS Armidale Forum Presentation September 2016
Botanical Illustrations in a Digital World.

by David Mackay.

Click on each slide to see a clearer image in a new window. (especially slides 16, 18, 19, 21, 22, & 23)

I'd like to talk this evening about how a botanical artist approaches his or her work, some of the issues or problems they face. and some of the joys too, and in particular, I will talk a little about what I think the role of the botanical artist is in our modern digital age.

I think the most common question I was asked when I worked as a botanical illustrator at the Botanic Gardens in Sydney is "why are illustrations still used today instead of photographs?".

Just a bit of background first -
- The world is a very complex and at times confusing place, so humans look for ways to make it less confusing, one way we do so is by categorising. Or classifying things, or compartmentalising the many disparate aspects of our world to make some sort of order out of this complexity.

Artists are just like anyone else in that they try to make sense of the world around them, and they use their art as a way of trying to make sense out of the confusion. By exploring the world around them, or by portraying and commenting on particular aspects of it.

David Mackay

The presentation was enthusiastically received by our mrmbers and many visitors. David was both informative and passionate about his topic.

The audience was pleased to learn the scope and possible goals this field can attain. I felt that david's talk could have continued, even though it was one of the longer presentations this year, as we were fully engaged by it. It was afterall a collection of beautiful images and imigery.

by Neil Wilson