Armidale District

APS Armidale Forum Presentation October 2014
Aerial Layering - an improved Technique.

by Neil Wilson.

This was first seen by the presenter as a Bonsai technique to produce stock plants from garden material.

It is a great process for many plants that are difficult to propagate by other means. John Nevin remarked that Kew Gardens are using aerial layering to propagate Australian Natives to move to another garden bed because the ones they are in are being redeveloped.

The pros and cons of the technique were discussed and a practical demonstration was delivered in conjunction with the slideshow. Anatomical diagrams showed the concepts and theories behind the success of the process.

Some examples of experimental layers were also shown. Two members volunteered their gardens for aerial layering of a couple of valued plants. The results were quite good considering the watering regimes delivered.

by Neil Wilson