Armidale District

APS Armidale Forum Presentation October 2013
Miniature Potted Plants (Bonsai & Penjing) with Australian Natives.

by Neil Wilson.

by Neil Wilson

Click on each slide to see a clearer image in a new window. Slide2 can be enlarged here (3.8MB) into a new window/tab.

The presentation gives a brief history and introduction to the 3 main types of growing miniature plants. The main divisions within each tradition is also explored.

My personal views on trees grown and displayed are then developed. I have taken images and text from the National Bonsai and Penjing Collection at Canberra as well as other sources.

Reference is given to the Natives as Bonsai Symposium slideshow as seen at the 2012 Symposium. A full version can be seen at www.cbs.org.au/pdfs/Native_show2012/Wild_Slideshow/frame0a.html.

These show naturally occurring 'Bonsai' in their habitat and are an inspiration to me when I develop a tree.

My personal objectives are given and finally a personal challenge.

This was followed on the evening by a demonstration of a Banksia spinulosa'Birthday Candles' to show how proteoid roots can be eradicated and Proteaceae plants can be worked on without losing them.