Armidale District

APS Armidale Forum Presentation April 2013
Torrington Revisited

by John Nevin

John Nevin delivered a presentation about the wonders of the Torrington State Recreation ( or Conservation) Area.

To an observer who has not visited this area, the presentation gives a valuable insight into this wonderland of native plants and features. The torrain and vegetation are unique in many ways and plant collectors have been intrigued by it for over 100 years.

The presentation introduces the location, topography and special geological features before following the various collections of rare plants. These plant sightings were thought to be mistakes until very recently, when they were rediscovered by John.

The Acacia field trip a few years ago was a great success and several species endemic (and often only found at Torrington) are displayed. Other plants that are restiricted to Torrington are also shown to give a great overview of the range of these special plants available to the keen observer.

This presentation whets the appetite for the field trip planned in August. I for one will be attending and am eagerly awaiting it.

by Neil Wilson