Armidale District

APS Armidale Spring 2018 Garden Visits
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APS Armidale - Garden visits September 2018
Napier Crt: Penelope explains about the frost protection the house provides.
Napier Crt: Ben Walcott and Penelope discuss changing an exotic garden to a native garden.
Napier Crt: Fiona Johnson examining the Asterolasia asteriscophora .
Napier Crt: Ben and Fiona looking at the layout of this small garden
Napier Crt: Looking at the plants on the roadside terraces.
MacDonald Rd: The front garden had suffered from the severe frosts this year
MacDonald Rd: Some detail of one of the exquisite 'bog gardens'.
MacDonald Rd: Neil explains how one of his water features works.
MacDonald Rd: The back yard retains lawn for children but has dense native plantings too.
MacDonald Rd: Neil explaining how a small garden can have so many species
Armidale Bowling Club: Ben Walcott gives his address "Garden that have influenced us"
Armidale Bowling Club: Discussions continued over afternoon tea.
Rockvale Road: The formwork and steps making up the massive terraces between the creek and house.
Rockvale Road: The Banksia ericifolia was much admired.
Rockvale Road: Neil leads the crowd up to the elevated area
Rockvale Road: Explaining how the earth works were done, and how the drainage is managed
Rockvale Road: Neil explaining how the water features are child safe and don't harbour mosquitoes
Lynch's Road: A bus was provided for those not wanting to drive and to alleviate parking problems.
Lynch's Road: Lee and Greg explaining the layout to the arriving crowd
Lynch's Road: The large earth mounds provide good drainage and some varied microenvironments
Lynch's Road: Established trees provide shade and shelter
Lynch's Road: There is an interesting mix of exotics and natives - Ben would say an Australian garden doesn't have to be all natives
Nevin's garden: John explaining some new plantings
Nevin's garden: John's labelling is meticulous
Nevin's garden: A close up a one of the labels
Nevin's garden: Perfect weather for garden visits
Nevin's garden: John describing some of his many wattles
Nevin's garden: John talks about his amazing potted plant collection - many Phlebalium
McGregor road: Pat explains the philosophy of his garden development to the arriving throng.
McGregor road: Explaining some new developments still in progress
McGregor road: Discussion about some of the many plants.
McGregor road: The new pond is still under development too.
McGregor road: Even Pat's verandah is packed with plants in pots - largely frost sensitive West Australians

Ben Walcott's talk on Gardens can be found under "Activities" and "Forum Speakers".