Armidale District

APS Armidale & District Group

Address : PO Box 735 Armidale NSW 2350
President : Barbara Nevin
Vice Pres : Maria Hitchcock
Secretary : Helen Schwarz
Treasurer : John Nevin
Membership Officer : Col Mulquiney

APS Armidale Privacy Policy

All information sent to us via email and/or post will be treated with the utmost care. All addresses and personal information will not be passed onto other APS members, members of the public or affiliated groups without the EXPRESS permission of the provider.


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All sellers' information is freely available on the web or advertised in printed media, and APS Armidale & Districts do not recommend any particular seller in prefernce to others. Any included sites were found using standard web searches.
All plants purchased should be assessed on an individual basis for viability and health.

Links to other sites are included for information only. APS Armidale & Districts Group does not recommend any particular site in prefernce to others. These sites were found using standard web searches.