Armidale District

APS Armidale Fact Sheet -
Blooming in January at Yallaroo

Text and images by Warren Sheather

Plentiful flowering this January is thanks mainly to the good early summer rain.

Acacia subulata
Acacia subulata is known as the Awl-leaf Wattle and grows into a tall upright shrub about three metres tall. Phyllodes are narrow, light green and about ten centimetres long. Yellow, globular flower heads are carried for most of the year. Acacia subulata
Acacia subulata is found in the sandstone country around Warialda, northern NSW. Acacia calamifolia is a similar species that also flowers throughout the year.

Eremophila Beryls Blue
Eremophila Beryl's Blue is a compact shrub whose parents are E. nivea and another species.
Leaves are silver-grey and about one centimetre long. Small tubular flowers are lilac and cover plants from mid spring to summer. Both foliage and flowers are attractive features.
"Beryl’s Blue" appears to be hardier than E. nivea.

Eremophila denticulata
Eremophila denticulata a small to medium shrub that may reach a height of 1.5 metres. Leaves are dark green, very sticky with serrated margins.
Initially tubular flowers are bright pink that deepens with age.
The lengthy flowering period extends from early spring to early autumn.
E. denticulata propagates rapidly from cuttings.

Prostanthera nivea var. nivea
Prostanthera nivea var. nivea is known as the Snowy Mintbush. This tall shrub has light green, linear and aromatic leaves. Flowers are usually white sometimes with tinges of pink. Flowering occurs from September to December and is usually profuse.
Prostanthera nivea var. niveais found in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The species is found west of Armidale in the Inverell area on granite outcrops.

Sannantha crassa
Sannantha crassa is a spreading shrub that reaches a height of one metre with a similar spread in our garden. The branches are pendulous with aromatic, lanceolate to elliptic leaves.
White flowers are carried in clusters and are about six millimetres in diameter. Flowering occurs in summer. Light pruning after flowering is appreciated.
Sannantha crassa is found in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, east of Armidale.
It propagates rapidly from cuttings.

This species was previously included in the Baeckea virgata complex then called
Babingtonia crassa.(ed.)