Armidale District

APS Armidale Fact Sheet -
Blooming in April at Yallaroo

Text and images by Warren Sheather

We are now well into autumn with a variety of native plants blooming in our garden. Autumn is the time when many Correas and Hakeas begin to flower. Some Grevilleas are also blooming at this time.

Eremophila microtheca
Eremophila microthecais a compact shrub with grey-green, aromatic foliage. The flowers are small, tubular and range in colour from blue to purple.
Occasional tip pruning is appreciated.
As with most emu bushes this species propagates readily from cuttings.

Grevillea triloba
Grevillea triloba comes from Western Australia and is a medium, spreading shrub.
Leaves are three-lobed and prickly. Flowers are white, profuse and highly perfumed.
Grevillea triloba is a useful plant for hedges and screens.

Grevillea White Wings
Grevillea 'White Wings' is a large, spreading shrub that may reach a height of three metres.
Leaves are light green, rigid, lobed with prickly points.
Slender white flowers are profuse and also highly perfumed.
Pruning is necessary, after flowering, to prevent plants becoming dishevelled.

Halgania preissiana
Halgania preissiana is a native of Western Australia. This is a dwarf shrub that suckers in our garden.
Oval leaves are grey-green, wavy with prickly, toothed margins.
Eye catching flowers are purplish-blue and about one cm across.
Foliage and flowers are attractive features.

Olearia floribunda
Olearia floribunda, the Heath Daisy-bush, is a small shrub that reaches a height of one metre in our garden.
The leaves are small, crowded and aromatic.
The daisy flowers are violet, carried for many months and are both conspicuous and profuse.
Plants should be pruned regularly to prevent plants from becoming straggly.