Armidale District

APS Armidale Fact Sheet -
Blooming in November at Yallaroo

Text and images by Warren Sheather

November is the last month of spring. Although the flush of flowering wattles and many spring flowering natives is over, there is still plenty of floral interest in the garden. Plant a wide range of native plants and you will have something in flower for every month of the year.

Callistemon serpentinus is an upright shrub that reaches a height of two metres in our garden.
Leathery leaves have visible oil dots. Flower spikes are yellow, about six centimetres long and appear in late spring and early summer.
This bottlebrush is rare with a population around the Woods Reef asbestos mine, near Barraba.
Remove flower spikes as they fade.

Grevillea oldei is a rare species from Strickland State Forest, near Gosford.
This short shrub may reach a height of one metre and has arching branches.
The leaves are almost triangular with a sharp point. Bright red flowers are carried in pendulous, globular clusters and appear from winter to summer.
Blooms are rich in nectar and attract honeyeaters.

Leptospermum Aphrodite is a medium shrub reaching a height of two metres.
The foliage is light green and masses of large, pink flowers appear in late spring. This is a long-lived hybrid.
Plants, in our garden, are over ten years old. Prune after flowering.
One parent is Leptospermum spectabile a rare species from the Colo River, near Windsor.

Melaleuca huegelii is known as the Chenille Honey-myrtle and is a native of Western Australia.
The Chenille Honey-myrtle is an erect or sometimes spreading shrub with small triangular leaves.
In late spring and early summer plants produce large numbers of long, cylindrical, cream-coloured flower spikes.
Many insects are attracted to the flowers.

Tremandra stelligera is a spreading shrub whose branches may reach a metre in length.
Ovate leaves are deep green and hairy with toothed margins.
Flowers are four or five-petalled, pink, purple or purple-blue. Flowering extends from July to December.
This attractive shrub comes from the south-west corner of Western Australia.