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1. Actinotus Helianthi Flannel Flowers

  1. You need fresh seed if possible no more than 2 months old. Older seed is less viable but you may get some seed to germinate. Store it in the fridge after collection. The best time to germinate is when the daytime temperature is about 20°C daytime maximum - Autumn or Spring.
  2. Add 3 drops of Wettasoil to 1 cup of tepid water in a jar. Add some seeds. Put on the cap of the jar and shake. Leave for one hour. Alternatively pour some smoke water in a jar, add the seed and shake. Leave for one hour.
  3. Make up a seed raising mix of perlite:peat:vermiculite (1:1:1 ratio). I use fine perlite and vermiculite. Fill some punnets with this mix.
  4. Put the punnets in trays and water from below by capillary action. Now sprinkle the seeds on top and cover with about 5mm of seed raising mix. It usually takes about 4 weeks until seedlings appear.
  5. Leave the seedlings in the punnets until they have developed a few pairs of leaves. This could take some time as they grow very slowly.
  6. Add some coarse sand to some cheap potting mix (no additives) in a 1:5 ratio.
  7. I have used potting mix alone with good results. Pot on into a large pot. They are sensitive to root disturbance so it's better to do this once only.
  8. Sprinkle some slow release fertilizer on top of the pot and water in with Seasol (or substitute). Feed once a fortnight in winter and every week in spring through to autumn with alternating Calcium Nitrate and a low phosphorus general fertilizer.

    Prepared by Maria Hitchcock - Leader Waratah and Flannel Flower Study Group.
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2. Telopia sp - Shady Lady Waratahs

  1. Choose a well-drained spot which is protected from westerly sun and wind and which is in light shade most of the day.
  2. If your soil is heavy make a large mound with rocks and soil or grow it in a tub.
  3. Cover the surface with a thick layer of sand (about 20 cm deep).
  4. Only plant out an advanced plant - they are usually sold in large pots ready for planting. Wait until it has flowered in the pot at least once.
  5. Dig a large hole and backfill around the plant with cheap potting mix. Do not add any fertilizer.
  6. Water the plant well and cover the soil around with a thick layer of mulch.
  7. Waratahs do not like competition from other plants so do not plant any other shrubs within a metre of your waratah. Keep the area free of weeds.
  8. Buds will form in autumn and stay on the plant all winter. The leaves are frost hardy but the buds may get frosted. You can cover buds with old pantyhose to protect them.
  9. When the buds start to open in early spring throw a handful of blood and bone with trace elements around the base of the plant and water in well.
  10. Watch for insect attack - spray with Confidor.
  11. Cut off any old flower stems. Prune back flowering stems after flowering each year. New shoots will appear just below the cut.
  12. Prepared by Maria Hitchcock - Leader Waratah and Flannel Flower Study Group.
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