Armidale District

Eucalyptus ficifolia Flower & Buds
(Buds arranged
in an UMBEL).
Each ovary develops to make a 'gum nut'.

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APS Armidale Fact Sheet - Eucalyptus magnificata

Text and images by
Warren Sheather

Eucalyptus magnificata is known as the Blue Box or sometimes the Northern Blue Box. In nature the Blue Box may reach a height of 15 metres.

E_baueriana plant

Eucalyptus bauerana pictured:-
In 1990 E. magnificata was split from E. bauerana.
This latter species is found on the South Coast of NSW and south-eastern Victoria.

flower heads
flower heads

Adult leaves are semi-glossy, green, broadly lanceolate and with an unusual wavy surface.
Leaves are used for dyeing and said to give a red colour.
Flowers are held in clusters (umbels) of seven and are white or cream.


The bark is persistent, rough and flaky.

A 12 year old specimen, in our garden, is about eight metres tall.
Flowering occurs in November and December.
The fruits are conical and along with its foliage are distinctive features.
There are small populations at Metz Gorge and Enmore, east of Armidale.
The species also occurs in southern Queensland.

Eucalyptus magnificata is a rare and threatened species.