Armidale District

APS Armidale Fact Sheet - Grevillea vestita

Text and image by Warren Sheather , 2013

Grevillea vestita

Grevillea vestita is a medium shrub. Three year old plants, in our garden, have reached a height of two metres.

The leaves are grey-green, wedge-shaped with 3-6 pointed lobes usually with a sharp point. The under surface is paler and densely hairy. Foliage has been used in floral arrangements.

The flowers are white to pale pink and carried in clusters at the end of branches. Spring is the main flowering period. Blooms are conspicuous, profuse and heavily scented. In spring the perfume permeates our garden. Grevillea vestita could be used as a colourful and scented component of hedges and screens.

Grevillea vestita has proved to be hardy and free flowering. Light pruning, after flowering, will maintain density and shape. Although the species is said to sucker our plants do not produce offshoots. However, this species propagates readily from cuttings.

Grevillea vestita is a native of the southwest corner of Western Australia. The species name means covered with hairs and refers to the under surface of the leaves.