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Leptospermum sp Flower & Fruit (capsule)
Seeds are sickle shaped and usually tan/brown or black.

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APS Armidale Fact Sheet - Leptospermum polygalifolia subsp montana


Text and images by
Neil Wilson

Leptospermum polygalifolia subsp montana - the mountain Tea Tree, is a shrub or small tree that grows in rock crevices in its natural habitat.

L_poly_mon plant

Leptospermum polygalifolia subsp montana can grow up to 7m high but is usually about 1 - 3 m in the garden. Basalt or granite areas at high altitude on the New England Tablelands are the natural habitat for this handsome tea tree.
On Wright's Plateau in the New England N.P. specimens of this tree are natural 'Bonsai' and only about 1.5m tall.

flower heads

Leaves are stiff, oblanceolate to elliptic with soft points at the acute apex.

Flowers are held on short pedicels along the branches and have white petals. The stamens are white with dark pink/orange anthers and the sepals are pink. The sepal valves cover the buds, so they appear pink.


Flaky bark is similar to L. trinervia but not as thick. The stems and lower branches have similar bark. The foliage is mainly found near the extremities in the wild, but in the garden, they are more evenly distributed.

Natural 'Bonsai'
Natural 'Bonsai'

Another great natural 'Bonsai' about 1.8m tall, on Wrights Plateau.

This great plant (left) took my eye in 2010 when I first visited Wrights Plateau in the New England N.P. Since then, I always look forward to returning to see these magnificent old 'trees' as natural 'Bonsai'. This one is about 1.3m tall

Flowering occurs mainly from November to January, and the fruit (capsules) are held for several years. The flowers attract insects and birds to the garden and more or less cover the plant for a couple of weeks.
This species is common in the higher altitude areas and there is another similar plant subsp transmontanum with shorter leaves with slightly more pointed tips.

Leptospermum polygalifolia subsp montana is a great plant for solid results in your garden.
After a short settling-in period,they have had no problems in the coldest or hottest days in our garden. They have flowered every year since being planted out and they will also flower in a pot.

Propagate them from seed and cuttings.