Armidale District

APS Armidale Fact Sheet - The "Milani Trout Cottages" garden

On Saturday 24th May 2008, fifteen members and guests visited the property of Lynne and Wal Chapman.

Milani garden

Lynne led the group over "Milani", which is situated on the Baldersleigh Road west of Guyra. A property of 3000 ha, approximately 1000 ha is devoted to fine wool production, with the balance largely devoted to conservation.

Milani garden

The areas visited were predominately granites, although there were intrusions of basalt.

There were 20 families identified with the main representatives being Ericaceae, Fabaceae, Myrtaceae, Proteaceae. Among the Proteaceae there were interesting forms of Petrophile canescens and a natural hybrid of Persoonia cornifolia x fastigiata. Lynne had collected an outstanding form of what appeared to be Pimelea linifolia.

Milani garden

Maria Hitchcock found the local Correa reflexa noting that the leaf was not as hairy as the forms found east of Armidale. Rocky outcrops exhibited interesting forms of Dodonaea (? boroniifolia) and Comesperma. The hills had large stands of Callitris endlicheri.

Even though it was winter and flowers were few, it was rewarding to identify so many interesting plants. The Baldersleigh Road in front of Milani was no less rewarding with Grevillea juniperina, Kunzea parvifolia and Acacia triptera and Epacris all visible along the road.

This would be an excellent place to visit in Spring. Thank you to Wal and Lynne in allowing us to share your beautiful part of the world.

Phil Rose

(NB: "Milani Trout Cottages" is a good place to stay if you want a weekend exploring flora.)